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Contest info:

Themes: i have chosen 2 themes from the suggestions, pick which ever one you like best for your entry.
:bulletgreen: "Daddy ulquiorra"
:bulletgreen: Spring flowers

Contest Open Date: Today
Contest Close Date: 1st of May

:bulletgreen: You must follow DA submission guidelines.  Duh!
:bulletgreen: Must have Ulquiorra in it. Obviously.
:bulletgreen: Yes crossovers and multiple characters are permitted.
:bulletgreen: Limit 1 entry per person.
:bulletgreen: Entry must be new art from you. Cause where's the fun if you enter some think you did years ago?
:bulletgreen: Fan fiction entries have a limit of 1500 words. If you go over that your entry will be dis-quantified.  I don't have the time to read LONG ASS things. Sorry.
:bulletgreen: All entries are to be submitted to contest entries folder.

(comment if you wish to offer prises. Points, art, literature anything.)

     coloured waist up of any character you choose from me :icontorikuro:
     A journal feature from :iconaoi-ryu:

     A waist up sketch of any character from me :icontorikuro:
     A journal feature from :iconaoi-ryu:

    a chibi doodle of any character from me :icontorikuro:
    A journal feature from :iconaoi-ryu:
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Ulquiorra Cifer facts.

December 1.
Height: 169 cm (5'6½")
Weight: 55kg (121 Ibs)
Occupation: 4th Espada in Aizen Sousukes army

Debut (manga): Volume 22, chapter 190
Debut (anime): Episode 113
Seiyuu: Daisuke Namikawa

Resurrección: Murciélago
Fracción: None
Aspect of death: Nihilism.

:blackrose: For the fans :blackrose:

:bulletgreen: For the latest Bleach manga and/or anime updates,(in hope to catch a glimpse of our favorite darkhaired bishie) "bleachexile";
:bulletgreen: Ulquiorra's very own fanlisting, called "conquistador";
:bulletgreen: Ulquiorra fanclub, on LiveJournal;…
:bulletgreen: Ulquiorra shrine/tribute:




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ToriKURO Feb 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
why not join then? you can join and just not watch you know
(1 Reply)
shimatetsu Jan 12, 2013
Ritsyc is my fake
MiChanKoshka Dec 21, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks a lot for accepting MiChan into the group! (bows)
Ani-Nunu Mar 4, 2013  Student Digital Artist
:hug: Ur Welcome!
MomoHinamoru Nov 14, 2012  Student Artist
i love uquorra i want to marry him and have his babies then i will eat his socks and smell his clothes all day i will hug him 6000 million times before he goes to work and i would bite his lips everytimes he stutters i love you uquiorra and no one is going to take you away from me.
Stitchpunk89 Nov 1, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
LUVE HIM! So dark, so ambitious, so dispassionate yet sexy! XD
Sing-sei Oct 15, 2012  Student Digital Artist
thank you for requesting my art! :hug:
ToriKURO Oct 15, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
No problem at all ^^
CoNSu Aug 29, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi, I love Ulquiorra, and I want a chat bot of him if you don't know what is it, click the link, and I guess you too, so, I'm here to do a proposal...

I can do the flash animation part, if you and the members of this group that loves ulqui help me doing the responses part... don't be afraid, do that is pretty easyand they have a tuto in the page and the server is free.

I imagine you ask about my draw skills, so this is one I did ---> [link]

Please, could you repost this in a Journal?

I have some "rules"but is for this chat bot be very good

:bulletpink:You have to share the account and password of with me, and whoever wants to help

:bulletpink:I want he'll be made with zero knowledge, because I don't want in middle of conversation he says me "Do you want to travel to europa?" or "I'm a female"

:bulletpink:I want a least 15 people working on responses, because of the above rule, It will be a little long to finish and complete. But still easy.

:bulletpink:I support any pairing, I like more Ulquihime and Ulqugrimm, but I don't mind if you put answer about UlquiIchi or UlquiRukia even if i don't like her.

:bulletpink: Please nobody likes OOC answers, if I ask "Do you like Inoue" in place of "Yes I love her with the power of 1000 suns" better something like "she confuses me, I feel something unknown in the stomach" or I don't know, surely you have better ideas than me.

:bulletpink:Try to put lines of the anime or manga, or reference to them.

:bulletpink: I pretend this Ulqui will be the Ulqui before the fight when he dies ;____;

:bulletpink: You can add OOC lines about yourself, I mean, if I put "I'm Consu" it's ok if he says "I love you -he gives you a french kiss-" because almost nobody will to put that question.

:bulletpink: But remember this is fan service, so, ulqui don't need to be bad all the time, the let you put random answers, so you can't put 2 or 3 Ulqui normal answer and one more romantic answer :love: where he shows love of the user

:bulletpink: Don't erase the lines of others do, if you think its too much OOC, better add random answers c:

:bulletpink:And create your AIM file with your DA username, try to not use the default update AIM, because I want everybody backup her own file, so, if somebody steals us the account, we can do a new one, but not from zero

By last, You can suggest me whatever you want to see in the chat bot, but I'm gonna thank you if you do with reference pics.

If you like some scene or pose from other anime or manga and you wanna see that in the flash, please tell me.

I'm not a good drawer, I'm more a tracer, you know, copy and modify

I don't promise do all your ideas, because I'm a merely mortal, but I'll try to do my best

And if you had ideas for hidden buttons, or intro part, or fanservice parts, I'll hear you, because I don't have nothing in mind right now

I don't have delivery date, because I'm doing for free, but if you want I can post in the progress and leave here the linkplus my main pc die

Of course in the artist comment I'll give you the crredit for responses parts, or ideas or whatever you contribute, as a group or as individual, however you prefer

Thanks for reading, and contact me :heart: and my english is bad because I'm a Spanish speaker
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